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Expert 4×4 services in Salt Lake City

The highly skilled technicians at Pyle Automotive have extensive experience working on both standard 4-wheel drive (4×4) vehicles and all-wheel drive (AWD) vehicles. Trust our experts at Pyle Automotive to provide quality service for your 4×4 or AWD vehicle.

Do You Need Expert 4×4 Services?

We understand the special needs of your vehicle and only provide the highest level of care. We offer the following 4-wheel drive and all-wheel drive services:



Wheel alignment is an essential part of vehicle maintenance. It involves adjusting the wheel angles to meet the manufacturer’s specifications. This ensures optimal performance of the suspension and steering systems, ultimately minimizing tire wear. Not all mechanics excel at alignment, but at Pyle Automotive, our experts guarantee precise and reliable alignment services. 



The differential transfers engine power to the wheels, allowing them to rotate at different speeds. When turning, the differentials help the wheels travel at varying speeds. To ensure proper functioning, regularly check your vehicle’s differentials. Contact Pyle Automotive for examination and servicing.



A driveline connects the engine and transmission to the wheel axles in your vehicle. It is an integral part of the powertrain, excluding the engine and transmission. If the driveline fails, your car won’t move as energy cannot be transmitted to the wheel axles. It’s crucial to have your car’s driveline regularly inspected and serviced. At Pyle Automotive, our experts can provide top-rated driveline services.


Transfer Cases

A transfer case is a crucial part of four-wheel drive and all-wheel drive vehicles. It receives power from the transmission and distributes it to both the front and rear axles. While some transfer cases use gears, the majority nowadays rely on chains. This component is vital as it connects the transmission and axles through drive shafts. For all your transmission repair needs, trust the automotive experts at Pyle Automotive.



Transmission repair is essential for your safety, as the transmission is connected to vital parts of your vehicle. Our transmission services, including filter replacement and fluid drainage, prevent transmission damage. Signs of potential transmission issues may include shifting problems, slipping, stalling, fluid leaks, or the service light turning on. If you suspect you need transmission repair, schedule an appointment at Pyle Automotive today.


Wheel Bearings

Wheel bearings in your car are responsible for allowing the wheels to spin freely and are connected to the brake system. Over time, they can become worn and result in a vibrating suspension and noisy rubbing while driving. If left unaddressed, this can make controlling the vehicle difficult and unsafe. At Pyle Automotive, our experts can ensure that your wheel bearings are in good condition and inform you if replacement is necessary. 


Hubs, Seals, Studs, & Nuts

A wheel hub motor, or wheel motor, is an electric motor built into the wheel hub that directly drives it. Replace your worn out wheel hubs for a safer and smoother ride. 

Properly functioning seals provide superior oil and grease sealing, enhancing performance in various temperatures and environments. Don’t let worn out or warped seals allow contaminants to enter or lubricant to escape.

Wheel studs are the threaded fasteners that hold your truck’s wheels in place. Damaged studs can be dangerous, so replace them immediately with high-quality ones.

A wheel nut, or lug nut, securely fastens the wheel to the hub. Worn out nuts jeopardize wheel security, risking a potential rollover. Ensure your truck’s wheels are securely fastened by contacting or visiting Pyle Automotive in Salt Lake City, UT 84115 today.

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For the best four-wheel drive (4WD) 4×4 services in the area, look no further than the professionals at Pyle Automotive.


Highly-Trained Technicians

Our highly-trained technicians possess the necessary skills and expertise to handle all types of 4×4 cars and trucks, no matter how simple or complex. Trust us to take care of your vehicle’s needs.



Our facility is equipped with state-of-the-art technology and equipment, ensuring that we can efficiently and effectively get you back on the road. Trust our team of skilled professionals to deliver superior results.


Honest & Fair Estimates

When you have a problem with your 4×4, your first thought should be to take it to Pyle Automotive. We can help you pinpoint the issue and offer you a fair estimate of the repairs before completing any work.

What You Can Expect From Pyle Automotive

Pyle Automotive provides quality 4×4 repairs and services. Contact us today at (801) 467-7455, and we will be happy to answer any questions or give you an estimate over the phone.


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-Eric W. Carlson

“Been taking my vehicles here for years. They treat their customers well, perform great work and are affordable and honest. Will forever take my cars here and suggest them to others.”

-Heather P.

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It’s important to take care of problems with your vehicle right away. To make it easier for you to take care of your vehicle and to avoid problems, here are the answers to our most frequently asked questions. If you can’t find what you’re looking for, please contact us today.

What is the difference between four-wheel drive and all-wheel drive?

Four-Wheel-Drive (4WD) vehicles offer safe and secure travel on various surfaces, utilizing a clutch or full-time center differential to enable different speeds for the front and rear wheels. Whether it’s a snowy road or dry terrain, this system provides confident performance.

All-Wheel Drive (AWD) is similar to full-time 4WD, allowing full-time use on all surfaces, including pavement. The only distinction is that not all AWD vehicles have a ”4-low” setting. Consequently, AWD vehicles may be less capable off-road compared to full-time 4WD vehicles but excel in on-road conditions.

What is part-time four-wheel drive?

Part-time 4WD functions as a default two-wheel drive vehicle, distinct from the full-time system as it lacks a center differential. Instead, it secures the front and rear wheels, making it ideal for off-road journeys and challenging road conditions. For regular driving or dry pavement, drivers should engage the vehicle’s two-wheel-drive mode to optimize performance. However, excessive use of part-time 4WD may result in driveline noise, binding, and potential damage or premature part failure. 

What is full-time four-wheel drive?
Full-time 4WD operates by default in four-wheel drive and allows safe and secure travel on all surfaces. Utilizing either a clutch or a center differential, this system enables the front and rear wheels to turn at different speeds. Whether facing snowy roads or dry terrain, confidently rely on this system for optimal performance.
Why shouldn't you use part-time four-wheel drive on dry pavement?

Part-time 4WD locks the front and rear axles together, causing the front and rear wheels to rotate at the same speed. However, when attempting to turn or drive on dry surfaces, this can result in binding (referred to as crow hop) and driveline noise, often a bang or shudder. These issues can lead to premature failure of various components. So, if you want to avoid these problems, it’s best to refrain from using part-time four-wheel drive on dry pavement.

How does "crow hop" happen?

Crow hop refers to when you are in a turn the front & rear axles travel in separate paths but are locked together as the vehicle turns. The axles then slip the tires to allow them to travel on different paths.