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Air Conditioning repair Salt lake

Our certified technicians are highly trained in A/C services and can quickly assess interior climate control issues, keeping you and your passengers comfortable during the entire ride.

Does Your Vehicle Need Air Conditioning Repair?

If you drive a car that has no A/C, you are about to experience a very uncomfortable ride. Our certified technicians are highly trained in A/C recharge, evacuation, and repairs. Some of our most common automotive ac service and repairs include:


1234YF Vehicle AC Refrigerant

Whether you drive a car, truck, or jeep, if it was manufactured after 2021, we have the expertise to replenish your 1234 YF freon. This freon variant, adopted by all recent models, stands as a green solution for the environment.


AC Recharge

When your car’s air conditioning (AC) begins to lose its cooling ability or fails to blow cold air, it may be time for a freon recharge. However, leaking freon is often an indicator that a more significant repair is needed.


AC Compressor Repair

The main functions of the compressor includes pressurizing the refrigerant to cool cabin air, monitoring and controlling temperature output, sensing temperature changes inside and outside the vehicle, and moving air to your car’s AC condenser.


Replace Thermal Expansion Valve or Orifice Tube

The Thermal Expansion Valve (TXV) or Orifice Tube plays a critical role in your vehicle’s air A/C system. It monitors the pressure and temperature within the system, enabling it to determine the amount of refrigerant needed.


AC Condenser Repair

The condenser is an indispensable component in your vehicle’s air conditioning system, with its efficient function crucial for a refreshing and pleasant driving experience.


AC Evaporator Repair

The evaporator, situated just behind the dashboard, is a critical component of your vehicle’s air conditioning system. Its primary function is to cool the air and extract moisture before it is dispersed into your vehicle’s cabin.

Signs Your Car AC Needs To Be Serviced

If you notice any of the following signs, contact us to get scheduled for A/C service and repair.


Blows Cool But Not Cold Air

If your car air conditioning blows only slightly cooler than the outside air, it’s time to get it serviced.


AC Only Works While Driving

Malfunctioning condenser fans can be among the major causes when you air AC only works when driving. 


Low Air Flow

If you have low airflow even at the highest fan setting, you’ll want to bring your vehicle in for AC service.


Water Dripping From Under Dash

Water condensing or dripping on your foot while driving is a sure sign to get your AC serviced.

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What You Can Expect From Pyle Automotive

Pyle Automotive provides quality auto A/C repairs and services. Contact us today at (801) 467-7455, and we will be happy to answer any questions or to give you an estimate over the phone

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AC Faq’s

It’s important to take care of problems with your vehicle right away. To make it easier for you to take care of your vehicle and to avoid problems, here are the answers to our most frequently asked A/C questions. If you can’t find what you’re looking for, please contact us today.

How long should a Freon recharge last?

If your car’s AC system was recently repaired and required a freon recharge it should not need to be recharged again. Your AC system is a closed or sealed system that does not allow freon to escape.  If freon is escaping after your car’s AC system has been repaired, additional work may need to be done to find the leak.

Does my car’s air conditioning cause fuel efficiency problems?

Yes, according to the U.S. Department of Energy it could reduce your fuel efficiency by as much as 25 percent.