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Vehicle Inspections & emission Tests

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Expert Inspections & Emission Testing

Some states require regular safety inspections and/or emissions inspections on cars and trucks. At Pyle Automotive, we are well-equipped and trained to perform these inspections. Our technicians can also perform multi-point inspections on your vehicle as needed.

Our emission testing and inspections services include:


Utah State Emissions & Smog Testing

If you are required to get and emission check done we can help. Call and schedule today!


Emission & Exhaust Repairs

If a repair is needed in order to pass emissions, our certified mechanics will be able to fix the issue and get your vehicle on the road. 


Complete Vehicle Inspection

Whether you are shopping for a car or you just need a second opinion, let us provide you with piece of mind with our multi-point inspection service.

Why Customer Choose Pyle

For over 75 years people have trusted Pyle Automotive for emission tests and vehicle inspections. You will receive excellent customer service and top-notch experience.


ASE, Certified Mechanics

Our factory certified mechanics are here to provide a complete vehicle inspection report


Fast, Affordable Testing & Repairs

Call & schedule your test today. Any needed repairs will be taken care of ASAP


5-STAR Rated Experience

You will feel like family when you work with the friendly team at Pyle Automotive


Conveniently Located

Our central valley location is just off I-15 and 3300 S. Come by and let us know how we can help!

What You Can Expect From Pyle Automotive

Pyle Automotive provides emission tests and vehicle inspections. Contact us today at (801) 467-7455, and we will be happy to answer any questions regarding your car and what we might be able to do for you! 


Expert Repairs & A Job Done Right


12 Month/12,000 Mile Warranty On All Repairs


Fast, Friendly Service

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Our Happy Customers

“Pyle Automotive was recommended to me by a couple different people with whom I work. They completed a lot of work in just over a day and the final price was 10% less than the estimate! I had a great overall experience with them and will be a repeat customer for sure. I would recommend them to anyone looking to have work done on their vehicle.”

-Eric W. Carlson

“Been taking my vehicles here for years. They treat their customers well, perform great work and are affordable and honest. Will forever take my cars here and suggest them to others.”

-Heather P.

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It’s important to take care of problems with your vehicle right away. To make it easier for you to take care of your vehicle and to avoid problems, here are the answers to our most frequently asked questions. If you can’t find what you’re looking for, please contact us today.

Which counties in Utah require emissions testing?

Salt Lake County

Davis County

Utah County

Weber County

Cache County

What is a rough idle?

A rough idle in a vehicle is typically characterized by inconsistent engine performance when the vehicle is stationary and not under load, meaning there is no gas being applied. This irregular performance is typically due to spark plugs that are not firing correctly. An engine’s idle speed usually remains within the range of 600 to 1,200 Revolutions Per Minute (RPM). A well-tuned and properly functioning engine should maintain a consistent idle speed within this range. A rough idle, however, will see this speed fluctuate, causing the engine to run unevenly, which often leads to increased vibration and possibly other more serious engine problems if left unaddressed.

Why is smoke coming out of my vehicle's tailpipe?

The common culprit behind thick smoke emanating from your car’s exhaust pipe is often an overly rich fuel-to-air ratio within your engine. This issue arises when the fuel injectors introduce an excessive amount of fuel into the system, or the intake valves fail to admit an ample volume of air. The primary causes of this imbalance can be a cracked or leaking fuel injector, a malfunctioning O2 sensor, or an air filter that is due for replacement. These components require timely maintenance and checks to ensure the optimal functioning of your vehicle and to prevent such problems.